Earthing & Lightning Protection

We supply a wide range of earthing & lightning protection products for your industrial purposes.

Product Range

We provide earthing & lightning protection components such as Grounding Copper Rods, Busbars, Copper Tapes, Earth Conductors, Lightning Arrestors, Air Terminals, Earthing Grid, DC Tapes, DC Clamps, Servit Post connectors, Ground connectors, Earth Pit, Electrical Gloves 5 kv to 33 kv.

Our earthing & lightning protection solutions provides you:

* Low installed costs through intelligent design.

* Increased safety with code compliant products.

* Design services support and technical advice.

* Reliable & high quality manufactured components.

The exothermic welding is used for permanently join the earthing or lightning protection conductors together. They are mainly used for joining the dissimilar metals. Moreover Global International is the leading supplier of high quality Insulation mats in Kuwait. Because we believe safety is uncompromisable and our goal is to maintain our label as the top Insulation mat suppliers in Kuwait by providing high quality Insulation mats in Kuwait.

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