Conduit Pipes

We supply a wide range of conduit pipes for your industrial purposes.

Product Range

We provide a superior range of conduit pipes to customers with salient features.

Main features of our conduit pipes are:

* High resistance to oil.

* No deformation or bending.

* High insulation resistance.

* No cracking.

* Excellent rigidity.

* Rigid Steel conduit (HDG), IMC, EMT, PVC Coated.

* Size ½” to 6”

Conduit channel or pipe are used for conveying water or other fluid or for carrying out certain other purposes, such as protecting electric cables. These are the pipes whose networks are laid within the boundaries of a facility not to transfer any fluid but to protect the electrical and optical fibers & cables from an external environment.

Rigid metal conduit is the thickest and heaviest of all. It can be used to run wires under driveways, service feeder installations, and other more extreme condition areas. Rigid conduit must be threaded on the end and is more expensive than the other conduits listed. Most utility companies like to install rigid conduit as the service entrance piping to ensure the strongest and best installation that can protect the wiring and that will be able to withstand wind, falling branches, and storm damage. Most installations require the conduit to run through the roof for a secure installation.

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