Conduit Fittings

We supply a wide range of conduit fittings for your industrial purposes.

Product Range

Conduit Fittings are the connectors and fittings used for connecting one piece of conduit to another, or to connect conduit to an electric box. The conduit fittings are available in various metals, with different levels of moisture protection.

The conduit fittings are used in power generation, food processing, robotics, wastewater treatment, infrastructure, mining etc.


The conduit & fittings offer the solution for:

* Extreme temperature protection.

* Corrosive & harsh environment protection.

* Liquid ingress protection.

* Explosive environment protection.

* Continuous operation.

* Reduced installation time & cost.

Types of Conduit Fittings:

The types of conduit fittings include adapters, bulkhead fittings, caps, couplings, elbows, expansion joints, flanges, plugs, reducers, setscrew connectors, squeeze clamp connectors, tees, sweeps, wyes and more.

The conduit fittings for the general purposes uses are commonly made from the die-cast zinc. When the stronger conduit fittings are required, they are typically made of copper-free aluminum or cast iron. Other materials used for conduit fittings include aluminum, fiberglass, PVC, PVC coated aluminum or steel, nylon, polyester, urethane and regular or galvanized stainless steel.

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