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We supply a wide range of cables and wires for your industrial purposes.

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Cables are one or more wires covered in a plastic covering which allows transmission of power or data between the devices. Generally, a Cable is a one or more wires covered in a plastic covering and allows transmission of power or data between the devices. The cables usually consist of a number of wires, mainly of copper or aluminum, twisted together in concentric layers.

The copper or aluminium wires are used because of the high electrical conductivity, while the twisted wires give the cable flexibility. The terms wire and cables are used to describe the same components, but they are quite different. The Wire is a single electrical conductor used for the transmission of electricity or electric signals.

Generally, the wires are of 3 types:

  • Solid Wire
  • Stranded Wire
  • Braided Wire

Cables are the group of wires swathed in sheathing and they are a line of multiple ropes used to anchor ships and they are used to carry electrical currents.

Mainly cables are of different types:

  • Electric power cables
  • Electric telecommunication cables
  • Fibre-optic telecommunication cables
Cables and Wires are the explosion-proof conduit outlet body, Hubs, Union, Tee, Reducer, Enlarger, Adaptor, Flexible Hose, Seal Fitting, Sealing Compound, Cast Device Box, Cord Grip, Connector, Electrical Control Panel, Switches for a Hazardous area.

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