Cable Pulling Accessories

We supply a wide range of cables pulling accessories for your industrial purposes.

Product Range

Cable Rollers are used so that when the cable is being pulled, it runs along the roller and not on the ground. Cable rollers should always be used when pulling cables. Straight cable runs are pulled in using straight cable rollers suitably placed in the cable trench to prevent the cable being dragged on the trench bottom or in the mud. Cable roller spacing is dependent on cable type being laid and the cable pulling tension along the route. Leading cable rollers are used to support the cable over the entire drum width immediately before being pulled into the trench.

Cable rollers are used to support and guide LV, MV & HV cables into open trenches without damaging cable sheaths and incurring over-bending stresses on power cables, typically at 11kV/33kV. Heavy-duty cable rollers with zinc plated steel frames are used by medium/high voltage cable laying contractors for placement of power cables directly into the bottom of cable trenches – rollers and cable support guides available for ladder rack, gantry and cable tray applications of armored and unarmoured LV-HV cables.

Cable pulling compound is also known as cable gel or cable lube is specially designed lubricants to assist in reducing friction when pulling or hauling cables through conduit, ducts or PVC pipes. Available in gels or pastes, drums, buckets or handy squeeze bottles most lubricant features include: environmentally safe, compatible with all cable insulation types, cleans quickly and will not freeze.

A Cable Pulling Winches are powered by a motor which is maneuvered by diesel and comprises of a storage drum which is fitted by non-spin wire ropes. It can be operated by a single person with the help of rollers, swivels and pulling socks. All the components are manufactured in-house and ensure the best quality for the customers. The winches are finished with standard paints or are galvanized and powder coated. A hydraulic cable pulling machine is one of the most popular types of equipment that are in demand by various industrial firms who are into projects as well as constructions. They are used primarily for all kinds of underground cable work

Cable Pulling Winch is used for pulling power cables, Heavy pipes, etc.. It is used to lay the power cables in the trench. There are many variants in Cable Pulling Winch for different sizes on Power Cables. These Cable Pulling Winches are high-quality products and represent the latest modern technical standard in the field of cable pulling winches. Power International Winches are built in accordance with the prescriptions of the cable industry, telecom and energy supply companies.

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